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Consumer Behavior & Marketing Strategy J Paul Peter Jerry Olson инфо 8473r.

"Consumer Behavior & Marketing Strategy" provides you a strategic view of consumer behavior in order to guide successful marketing activities The Wheel of Consumer Analysis guides you through thбшэщыe process of defining consumer needs and choices, connecting them to effective strategy creation Along with the innovative content that is its foundation, the 8th edition offers: New Cases Approximately 2/3 of the cases in the book are either new or updated and provвзеэфide additional illustrations of the concept being reviewed New Chapter Openers All new or updated chapter opening vignettes demonstrate real-world scenarios that involve consumer behavior which allow you to think through their decisions step-by-step Integrated Real-Life Examples "Highlights" are now longer examples within each chapter that show the relevance of concepts in a real-life example of a marketing strategy Peter & Olson's "Consumer Behavior" wврашйill teach you how consumer behavior drives marketing strategy So get behind the wheel Формат издания: 21 см х 26 см 8 edition Авторы J Paul Peter Jerry Olson.